Administrative / Office


Allison Shecter, Director and Founder

Kerry-Ann Malcolm, Assistant School Director

JB Hoblitzell, Operations Manager

Monica Donnelly, Communications & Engagement Director

Wendy Boyer, Business Manager

Qianfei Wang, Records Coordinator & CH Art Guide

Shawndria Williams, Office Assistant

Andrea Sommer, Development Coordinator


Instructional Support / School Culture / Student Support


Carrie Lang, Montessori Coordinator

Monica Campbell, School Social Worker and School Culture Coordinator

Valerie Orr, Academic Intervention Specialist

Tony Coleman, Student Support Liaison & Kids Club Sports Coach

Myla Robinson, Student Support Liaison

Michael Corn, School Culture Liaison

Beverly Laws, Lunch & Recess Coverage

Angela Benam, Lunch & Recess Coverage



Children's House Classrooms (PreK3-K)


Kelly Kim, Black-Eyed Susans Guide

Kay Miles, Black-Eyed Susans Assistant Guide & Before Care

Maria “Maru” Salazar, Calico Cats Guide

Shermia Isaacs, Calico Cats Assistant Guide

Emily Navyac, Orioles Guide

Shavon Monroe, Orioles Assistant Guide

Maria Packianathan, Terrapins Guide

Jessica Singleton, Terrapins Assistant Guide





Lower Elementary Classrooms (1st-3rd)


Kate Reed, Astrodons Guide

Shelley Cruse, Blue Crabs Guide

Jennifer Parker, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Guide

Sarah Winn, Ecphoras Guide

Blake Lyle, Jones Falls Guide

Cathy Schwartz, Riverstones Guide



Upper Elementary Classrooms (4th&5th)


Kelley Giles, Checkerspots Guide

Mensa Prescott, Rockfish Guide

Shannon Jeter, Skipjacks Guide



Adolescent Community Classrooms (6th, 7th, & 8th)



Ms. Tolulope Akinsanya, Adolescent Community Guide, Science

Ms. Ashley Evans, Adolescent Community Guide, English Language Arts & Social Studies

Mr. Steven Gordon, Adolescent Community Guide, Math

Ms. Sarah McKittrick, Adolescent Community Guide, English Language Arts & Social Studies

Ms. Naimah Sharif, Adolescent Community Instructional Support Guide

Mr. Michael Corn, School Culture Liaison

Special Education Team


Anne Craig, UE/AC Special Education Teacher, IEP Mtg Coordinator, Transition Monitor

Beth Gossett-Uchniat, UE/AC Special Education Teacher, ESY and Transportation Coordinator

EJ Pagaddu, CH/LE Special Education Teacher

Barbara Stern, Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP)

Monica Campbell, Social Worker/504 Coordinator

, School Psychologist



Specialist Teachers


Mark Anthony, Physical Education Teacher

Steven Mitchell, AC Digital Technology

Laura Howard, Food & Greening Coordinator

Qianfei Wang, CH Art Guide and Kids Club Programming



Health and Safety


Anya Coates, Nurse

Kedeshia Peynado, Nurse

Derek King, Site Manager

Corey Petitt, Food Service Manager

Tamika Trusty, Food Services Assistant



Tech and Organizational Support


Marques Walton, IT Consultant

Stephanie Simms, Board Coordinator



Kids Club Program Assistants


Michael Corn, Before Care

Kay Miles, Before Care