Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School’s mission is to build a diverse and respectful community of joyfully engaged learners by providing a holistic Montessori environment that supports individual fulfillment, compassion, self-discipline, lifelong learning, and a deep awareness of our responsibility to contribute meaningfully to our world.

Located in the heart of Baltimore City, our school serves 550 students, ages 3 through 8th grade, from 26 Baltimore City zip codes; these students identify as 69% African American, 25% White, 3% Hispanic/Latino, and 3% Asian or more than one race; approximately 55% of students come from families considered economically disadvantaged.

Diversity is central to our school’s mission and identity; however, enrolling a diverse student body is only a first step toward creating a peaceful and equitable school community. In order to determine how students, families, and staff across demographic groups experience our climate, culture, and learning environments, Baltimore Montessori Public launched an equity audit in September 2018. This rigorous and intensive process identified focus areas and included recommendations to guide next steps.

We adopted the equity statement below in fall 2022, to provide a shared vision and framework to guide interactions and practices within our school and the broader community. This step will encourage accountability and ensure our commitment to equity is explicit and remains at the forefront of our work.

Peace Education is at the heart of the Montessori approach to learning, and alongside our efforts to create peace, we must also strive for equity and justice. By fully committing to this critical work, we better equip our community to fulfill the promise of our mission for all our students.


Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (BMPCS) celebrates, honors, and values diversity. We are committed to building an environment where all members of our community experience a sense of belonging and a connection to our mission. We believe diversity enhances learning experiences and provides a meaningful preparation for life. Montessori is our framework to honor individual identities and unite all members to work toward a just future.

Systemic inequities disproportionately affect global majority communities and historically underrepresented groups and identities. We recognize the inequities present in our school community, our city, and beyond that lead to opportunity gaps and disparate outcomes. We acknowledge that these injustices diminish essential voices and limit our community’s ability to thrive.

We commit to intentionally engage all stakeholders in the necessary individual and collective reflection, learning, and growth to actively dismantle and disrupt the implicit and explicit manifestations of inequities. We will empower our community to design and implement policies, practices, and standards to create a culture that supports individual fulfillment and community wellness. Together we will build an equitable, inclusive, and peaceful organization to achieve and sustain the promise of our mission for all.